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Join our Pink Ribbon Romp for Breast Cancer on the Patuxent River Trail!

This year, Pro Spex has partnered with For 3 Sisters to participate in their Pink Ribbon Romp in Laurel, MD. Join the Pink Pro Spex team to walk this 2.1 mile trail and show your support for breast cancer patients and survivors! Pro Spex will match 100% of your donation (up to $50) made this October, doubling your impact and helping For 3 Sisters towards their goals. Just email us a screenshot of your donation receipt. A donation is not required to participate, but it is definitely appreciated!


What: A 5k Pink Ribbon Romp with For 3 Sisters

Where: The Laurel Patuxent River Trail (meet in the Laurel Pool Parking lot at 901 Main Street)

When: Wednesday, October 18, 2023 from 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Why: To support breast cancer communities and raise funds & awareness

Wear a pink shirt, comfortable shoes, and bring plenty of water!


For 3 Sisters has been serving breast cancer communities for over 12 years, and we are proud to partner with them again this year. Throughout the month of October, inspectors wear their pink uniform shirts to show their support. Take a picture with your inspector when you see them wearing pink, and help us reach our goal of 10 inspector & client photos this month!


Do I need to donate in order to participate in the Romp? No, you do not need to donate. However, we will match your donation (up to $50) to double the impact if you choose to do so! Simply send us a screenshot of proof of your donation, and we will do our part.

Where does my donation go? Your donation goes directly to For 3 Sisters, who will distribute it to those in need in the breast cancer community. Read more about donations and contribute here.

Do I have to walk with a group? No, if you decide you'd like to walk on your own or even with friends and family, that helps spread awareness as well! We would love for you to join our Pink team, but it is not mandatory.

How long is the trail? The trail is 2.1 miles long.

How does walking support breast cancer communities? Groups of people walking for a cause has helped raise awareness for a variety of different communities. Groups of people walking in pink during October is easily recognizeable as a team advocating for breast cancer awareness and financial support. The Pink Ribbon Romp is currently being done in a number of states along the east coast, so the more participants, the further awareness can spread!

Will my photo with the inspector be shared online? Yes, but if you'd prefer that it not be, please feel free to let our inspectors know.

Thank you for your support! We hope to see you there!

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