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Pro-Spex Home and Commercial Inspections has negotiated FREE Home Warranty offers for our customers.


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90-Day Offer

30-Day Offer

Why did we negotiate a free warranty for you? Home inspectors cannot guarantee future performance of appliances or mechanical systems and things can break after the inspection. Failure to mechanical systems or appliances could cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars and could happen over night.


Peace of mind can come with a 30-day free home warranty and the ability to extend the warranty for a low monthly fee.

You must activate your home warranty by clicking below!

Included in your free trial are the many great benefits Guard Home Warranty
has to offer:

  • NO AGE RESTRICTIONS on your systems or appliances.

  • No service claim fee due unless your claim is approved.

  • $25,000 in aggregate savings per contract term.

  • Simple, easy to use, online claims portal available day or night.

  • Top-notch customer service to help with all your claim needs.

  • Choose your own contractor.

Sign up today to receive protection against system and appliance breakdowns that could break your budget.


Join now to have peace of mind that your home is covered by a
Guard Home Warranty.

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