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when hiring an inspector



What is a “Home Inspection”?
A home inspection is an objective VISUAL examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the roof to the foundation. Having a home inspected is like giving it a physical check-up. It is NOT a report that tells you whether or not you should buy the home. Our inspections are impartial and discharged with integrity and fidelity, with fairness, objectivity, and without bias to all parties.

What does it include?
The full service home inspection report will review the condition of the home’s heating & air conditioning system (temperature permitting), plumbing and electrical systems; the roof, attic, and visible insulation; walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors; the foundation, basement, and visible structure. It will also include educational material that is helpful in maintaining and/or repairing a home.

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Why do I need a home inspection?
The purchase of a home is probably the largest single investment you will ever make. Would you purchase a new $500,000.00 home without an inspection? Surprisingly many people do. You should learn as much as you can about the condition of the property and the need for any major repairs before you buy, so that you can minimize unpleasant surprises and difficulties afterwards. After the inspection, you will have a much clearer understanding of the property you are about to purchase.

If you are planning to sell your home, you should have an inspection prior to placing your home on the market. This will give you a better understanding of conditions which may be discovered by the buyer’s inspector, and an opportunity to make repairs that will put the house in better selling condition.

What will it cost?
The inspection fee for a typical one-family house varies geographically, as does the cost of housing. Similarly, within a given area, the inspection fee may vary depending upon the size of the house, particular features of the house, its age, and possible additional services, such as septic, well, or radon testing. It is a good idea to check local prices on your own.

However, do not let cost be a factor in deciding whether or not to have a home inspection, or in the selection of your home inspector. The knowledge gained from an inspection is well worth the cost, and the lowest-priced inspector is not necessarily a bargain. The inspector’s qualifications, including experience, training, and professional affiliations, should be the most important consideration.

Can a house fail inspection?
No. A professional home inspection is an examination of the current condition of your prospective home or current home. It is not an appraisal, which determines market value, or a municipal inspection, which verifies local code compliance. A home inspector, therefore, will not pass or fail a house but rather describe its physical condition and indicate what may need repair or replacement.

What is your cancellation, re-scheduling and refund policy?
An inspection can be cancelled at any time prior to the date of the inspection. Cancellation notices can be sent via email (preferred), or voicemail. For faster response, send email our office at both addresses below. To avoid cancellation charges (50% of the home inspection fee), either notify us at least 2 business days prior to the inspection, or schedule another appointment in place of the first. (see Rescheduling). Cancellation notices sent after close of business on Fridays (5pm), will be treated as being received the following Monday. Note: Do not rely on emails sent to your assigned inspector, it may not get to our office in time.

A full Refund will be issued on inspections cancelled with a minimum 2 business days advance notice. Cancellations with less than 2 business days advance notice, will be issued a full credit towards another inspection. Same day cancellations that do not reschedule will be charged 50% of the total invoice amount. No refunds will be issued after one of the inspectors arrives on site. Credits may be issued on a case by case basis. 

In the event an inspection has to be rescheduled, The Office must be notified at least 1 business day prior to the inspection date and time. Same day rescheduling will incur a trip charge of equal to 25% of the total invoice, must be paid prior to the rescheduled inspection date.


Tel: 301-675-8851, 844-675-8851, 301-675-8411

NOTE: Scheduling changes due to circumstances beyond the customers control ("Acts of God, or the homeowner locked the home etc.) should be communicated to us ASAP to avoid additional fees. All matters involving fees, rescheduling and cancellation should be discussed with our office, not the inspector.

Are there any areas you do not inspect?
Yes. Any areas that cannot be accessed safely and without physical damage to the property. Of particular concern to many clients is inspecting the roof. We make every attempt to access all roofs, so long as the inspector feels safe doing so. Generally, we cannot access roofs that are more than 2 stories above the point of access (a deck, lower roof etc.) and in inclement weather. We also do not inspect pools and septic systems.

Why do I have to put in my information before I can see available dates and times?
We have a number of services and a large service area. Not all inspectors provide all services and cover all areas. Availability is based on service type and travel distance. Our system allows our inspectors ample time to get from one inspection to another. The only way to do this is to find out where they have to go and how far away it is from where they are going. We need the address and the type of inspection so the system can give you an accurate date and time.

Why can’t I see the cost of the home inspection on the website?
The Home Inspection fee is based on Square Footage (SF). The Total (Above Grade + Basement + Crawlspace) Square Footage (SF) of the home; as well as the type of home, indicates the time it will take to do the inspection and the cost.

Most tax records or real estate (MLS) listings only show the “livable” (above grade) SF of the property. The other (basement or crawlspace) SF is usually not included.

Since we inspect the TOTAL home, we need this information to calculate your fee. A good starting estimate is between $450-$550 for most single-family residences 2500-3,000sf.

The system is not allowing me a chance to choose a date or the one I want. Why is this?
Since each inspectors availability is based on travel distance and zip code, the system will only show which inspectors are available for that day based on the address provided. If there are no inspectors available, they must all be slated for an inspection or the travel distance is too far for the date of your choice; We recommend you complete the order form and call our office. Sometimes there are cancellations or inspection slots that are on hold that only can not be seen by the public.

Can I “reserve” my inspection slot while I am waiting to hear if my offer has been accepted?
We do allow a 24-hour hold for inspections. Complete the order on our website and leave a comment in the comment section. If we do not hear from you, your order will be moved to a later date, but will remain in our system. If there is a longer hold is needed, please contact our office.

When will I get my inspection report?
The inspection report is issued within 24hrs of the inspection completion time Monday thru Friday (excluding Holidays and weekends). If reports are needed sooner, please discuss with our office, depending on circumstances we sometime deliver same day. This applies to the home inspection only, does not apply to special services (e..g. Termite, Radon etc.).

Do you perform inspections for homeowners before selling or considering selling?
Yes, please take a look at the services section of our website. A full inspection can be used to sell your property by documenting all aspects of the home. It can be sent via email, posted to a website or printed and bound for an open house.

There is also our discounted inspection which reports on any problem areas that you may want to address before sale. This inspection is discounted from the standard Full Service Home Inspection. Discounts vary between 10% and 20%

In the agreement, it states that this is a ‘limited visual inspection’. What does that mean?
The Inspection is limited to what we can see, without taking things apart; in other words, it’s a non-invasive inspection.

What is the difference between an attic and a crawlspace?
The attic is the space closest to the roof and the crawlspace exists closest to the ground. Most properties either have a basement OR a crawlspace but some properties may have both.

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