So you've scheduled and confirmed everything. Now what?
Here's how to prepare for your upcoming inspection:



Successful completion of your inspection, depends on our ability to access all components of the home. We do not move heavy furniture or turn on utilities.

  1. Ask the seller, are all utilities on?

  2. Is there an access panel or stair to the attic?

  3. Is the access to the main shut off devices (water, electric, gas) clear?

  4. Are all doors unlocked?

  5. Are there pets in the house?

  6. Who is responsible if the home is not
    fully accessible?

  7. Is the security system turned off?

  8. Are the smoke alarms monitored by the
    fire department?



Since this is a new home, keep in close contact with the builder's representative. This inspection should be performed when:

  1. The foundation walls are all in place but backfill has not occurred

  2. All underground plumbing, supply, and waste lines are in place

  3. All foundation water proofing and drains have been installed

  4. Ask: does the builder require anything from the home inspector (license, insurance etc.)?


Since this is a new home, keep in close contact with the builders representative. We need to see all the connections. This inspection should be performed when:

  1. All framing is complete: windows, doors and exterior

  2. Before insulation is installed

  3. Shortly before or after all county inspections

  4. Ask: does the builder require anything from the home inspector (license, insurance etc.)?




Pro Spex follows the standards set by the EPA when conducting Radon Tests:

  1. Inform the seller that “Closed Home Conditions” (all doors and windows closed except for normal entry and exit) must be maintained for at least 12 hours prior to the start of testing and continue for at least 48 hours

  2. The lowest, finished, livable space will be tested



If we are conducting a mold assessment, we need access to all areas. We are looking at all systems that produce moisture, and all areas with poor air circulation, including the attic.

In the absence of a mold assessment, if we are conducting a mold test, customer must inform us where they want tested if there are no visible signs. If an air sample is desired, it is up to the customer to determine how many air samples they need and where it should be taken.


To complete this inspection, we need access to the main sewer line. Most homes have a "clean out" access point for this purpose. Ask the current owner for its location.

If a clean out cannot be found, the sewer can be accessed through the lowest available toilet. When removal of a toilet is necessary, we will need the permission of the owner to it.

If a toilet is removed, it will be reinstalled professionally with a new seal.



The 203K consultant will work with you to reach agreement with the contractor on the scope of your renovation. We represent you at all times. 

In preparing for your first meeting, you should provide the consultant with a copy of your home inspection report, a list of your renovation goals, and an idea of your budget.


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