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The Tier I Accessibility Survey is a Visual A ssessment of the Facility for a Public Place of Accommodation.

  1. Identifies the year the facility was built, the year alterations were made, and the specific ADA Standard that applies to those elements. 1991 ADA Standards for Accessible Design or the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

  2. MIGHT Identify Local and State Accessibility Codes that apply to the facility. Example: 2012 Florida Accessibility Code for Building Construction

  3. Uses the ADA Standard relative to the time of construction or alteration.

    1. Keep in mind that MANY ADA lawsuits are based on the Perception of today’s current standards missing in a facility.

  4. Identifies the path of travel for accessible approach and entrances per Standards.

  5. Identifies the reported number of ADA compliant parking spaces per total number of parking spaces.

    1. Does not include photos, counting spaces, measuring sizes, measuring access aisles, measuring accessible path or measuring ground slopes.

  6. Visual inspection of public restrooms that appear to provide accessible features, such as grab bars, turning-radius, toilet seat height, sinks, clearances, and horn/strobe fire alarm location.

    1. Does not include photos or specific measurements of all elements.

  7. Determine if the reported number of Communication Feature and mobility Feature Guest Rooms exist per the ADA Standard requirements.

    1. Review the guest rooms for appearance of accessible features.

    2. Does not include photos or specific measurements of all elements.

  8. Identify accessible elevator elements, including call buttons with visual signals, emergency control panels, interior floor buttons, a 2-way emergency communication that does not require voice, doors with a reopening device, and auditory signals at each floor.

    1. Does not include photos and specific measurements of all elements.

    2. Tier I does not itemize every item in the facility that must meet Accessibility compliance.

For a more detailed assessment, 3rd party consultants mat be required (additional fees apply)


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