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Benefits of a Well Written Report

When searching for an inspector, few ask to see a copy of the report before making decision. Many focus on price or simply rely on what someone told them. Real estate transactions benefit when information is provided in a format that is both easy to understand, and prepared in such a way that the reader can get a clear sense of significance of each issue in order to have an informed discussion with all parties.


Reduces Home Buyer Anxiety:

Every well written home inspection report takes into consideration the context within which the subject property exists. That context could be the time of construction, the conditions at time of inspection, or the location. By understanding the context, the report can be read and understood clearly, placing emphasis where it should be. The report is written for the customer, not for the inspector to show how much they know. We strongly recommend customers review sample reports before selecting an inspector to see how well they interpret it.

Facilitates Clear Communication Between Parties:

Communication takes place when the receiver of information interprets that information in the way the sender wants them to. A well written report should not be reinterpreted by the reader. There should be no confusion as to what the author meant. This is critical to keep all parties (Seller, contractor, buyer, agents etc.) on the same page.

Makes Contractor Selection and Pricing Faster:

When the result of an inspection are not clear, the report can make accurate pricing from contractors more difficult, slow down the contractors response if a quick turnaround is needed.

Facilitates Customer Decision Making:

A report that leaves a customer questioning what is most important or what they should do next, serves little purpose in a time sensitive real estate transaction. A well written inspection report should make it easier for the customer to prioritize their needs, focus on what's important, and respond to or communicate with their agent what they would like to see happen going forward. A well written report should create an environment in which the customer and their agent can have a dialog with a level of understanding of the issues at hand.

Not all home inspectors or reports are created equal. To see sample reports, click here to visit our website.

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