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A Walk-Thru Inspection is Better than No Inspection

According to Redfin, a residential real estate brokerage: during the summer of 2022, between 44.3% and 50.9% of homebuyers faced competition for home bids, with the typical property receiving an average of 3.5 offers. A s a result, both buyers and sellers have been eager to close the deal on homes as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, in many cases, the buyer's decision to forgo a home inspection entirely can be short sighted. Pro Spex advises against this -- buyers should see the inspection as a time to get valuable information, not just to use for negotiation. At the bare minimum, buyers should opt for a walk-thru inspection.


If your client tells you they cannot afford a traditional inspection, or they want to make their offer more competitive, consider what is called a “walk-thru” inspection instead, as they save time and money. However, make sure your client has reasonable expectations by informing them of the differences between a full inspection and a limited walk-thru inspection.

Full Inspection

  • Comprehensive review of all systems

  • Average 3 hours or more with Inspector

  • A report is provided to the buyer often between 50 and 75 pages

  • Use of advanced tools (infrared, moisture meters, drones etc.) for more in depth assessment

  • Protected by Pro Spex insurance, backed by warranties

  • Price: $450-550 on average

Walk-thru Inspection

  • Inspection of major systems only

  • 1 hour or less with Inspector

  • Assessment results are provided verbally

  • Visual inspection only, no specialized tools

  • No protection

  • Price: 20-30% less (I'd put a number here and not a %)

A walk-thru inspection is better than purchasing a completely unexamined home. While there is a limit of what a walk-thru can identify, it is still conducted by a professional, experienced set of eyes looking at a home in the way a typical buyer does not. Further, sellers may be more agreeable to a walk-thru. This means your client will still have some insight on whether to move forward with a home purchase which can help put both of your minds at ease.

Schedule a walk-thru, or any of our other inspection options, here.

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