Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I was a tomboy, no questions asked. Loved to climb trees, climb on roofs, chase after balls, played football, softball, and basketball and still donned pigtails! After realizing the opportunities of learning beyond the classroom through travel, I found myself at Howard University studying Architecture and Planning. Little did I know that the knowledge there would lead me on an interesting path to the Home Inspection industry. As a Partner in this family-owned business, I have learned that I can share my love of sports, music, and reading with those who are working toward home-ownership. My spare time has me involved with family, friends, and hobbies like crocheting, scrapbooking, some form of exercise, journaling, or reading, just to name a few. And yes, I still find time to shoot a few hoops every now and then...



I was born in DC, raised throughout Maryland, and I am proud to call the DC Metropolitan region my home. After years of career searching through the construction, real estate and hospitality fields, one day it just clicked and three months later I found myself in the state licensing exam room anxiously awaiting my test results. A year after that, I had performed over 150 home inspections and found myself settled into a career I was passionate about. I knew almost immediately how fortunate I was to be working for a company that I, to this day, love working for. I feel absolute fulfillment in helping the good people of the greater DC Metro Region, new or veteran, to make informed decisions on the most important purchase of their lives. In my spare time, you’ll find me with my brilliant wife, family, or a cat or three. Having always been in love with traveling, history, historic structures, music, writing and cooking, we love going to concerts, historic sites, volunteering on archaeological digs, visiting our favorite restaurants,  fossil hunting, gem shows, hiking, kayaking and participating in anything that helps us connect with the beautiful natural resources of our world.



Hello my name is Maritza, I am working towards becoming a published author of a novel some day. In the meantime, I am studying journalism to achieve my goal. I enjoy reading, preferably out in nature. And like to spend my time seeking adventures, whether it’s trying new foods, finding new music, learning a new dance, or simply educating myself with new knowledge.



Hello my name is Natacha. I am currently a student at Bowie State University and major in communications. My favorite color is pink because it is fascinating like flamingos. I enjoy singing in choirs, going to concerts, and open mic nights for poetry. 



A native to Baltimore City, I joined the U.S. Army after high school working as a crew chief for helicopters, learning about the working systems, and how to keep them flying, while traveling around the world. In a few short years, I became a technical inspector, and found inspection was my niche. This opportunity allowed me to work for years as a quality control inspector in the manufacturing world of jets and helicopters after the military working for major aviation companies. I have also worked in the home and commercial construction field, installing electrical systems from start to finish, learning about some of the various types of building construction along the way. I like to spend a good part of my time learning of the constant improvement to building materials, and seeing how building are designed, maintained, and repaired. I like to be hands on with everything, working with my home, cars, and boat, using them in my spare time, whether from in the backyard, or on the water.



I strive to offer you a great home inspection experience from being knowledgeable about all types of homes along with keeping up with constant changes in building practices and materials. Being a building inspector for several years and having several certifications along with performing thousands of inspections has given me the ability to be very thorough when inspecting your property. In my free time I like to hang out with the family at our lake along with riding my motorcycle.  


More coming soon!