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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I was a tomboy, no questions asked. Loved to climb trees, climb on roofs, chase after balls, played football, softball, and basketball and still donned pigtails! After realizing the opportunities of learning beyond the classroom through travel, I found myself at Howard University studying Architecture and Planning. Little did I know that the knowledge there would lead me on an interesting path to the Home Inspection industry. As a Partner in this family-owned business, I have learned that I can share my love of sports, music, and reading with those who are working toward home-ownership. My spare time has me involved with family, friends, and hobbies like crocheting, scrapbooking, some form of exercise, journaling, or reading, just to name a few. And yes, I still find time to shoot a few hoops every now and then...



A native to Baltimore City, I joined the U.S. Army after high school working as a crew chief for helicopters, learning about the working systems, and how to keep them flying, while traveling around the world. In a few short years, I became a technical inspector, and found inspection was my niche. This opportunity allowed me to work for years as a quality control inspector in the manufacturing world of jets and helicopters after the military working for major aviation companies. I have also worked in the home and commercial construction field, installing electrical systems from start to finish, learning about some of the various types of building construction along the way. I like to spend a good part of my time learning of the constant improvement to building materials, and seeing how building are designed, maintained, and repaired. I like to be hands on with everything, working with my home, cars, and boat, using them in my spare time, whether from in the backyard, or on the water.



Born in Vallejo, CA as a bay area kid, I was always very curious. My grandfather, a navy veteran and electrician, gave that curiosity direction by instilling in me the mantra that, "it's all about the details"!  I carried these ideals with me into the Army, where I learned how to install fiber optic and copper cable on both underground and aerial installations into new construction and existing buildings. In 2009, I was part of an overseas team that installed over 5200 miles of fiber optic and over 3300 miles of copper cable in Afghanistan. This gave me a firm understanding in site surveying, plumbing, electrical wiring, and building construction. As a home inspector, it is my goal to utilize a nurtured attention to detail and ever growing knowledge base to provide the best home inspection experience one could have. For leisure, restoring vehicles, reading, or a windy day on the Chesapeake with full sails is a great day!



Born in London England, I emigrated to Dominica in the early 70's, and then on to the US in the mid 80's. I have taught at the High School and College level abroad and here in the States. I also learned carpentry and realized I had a talent for building and using my hands.

As an air traffic controller, I had a keen interest in being a pilot. In the Caribbean, the opportunities to get there would take me longer than my patience allowed, so I decided to pursue Architecture.

At Howard University, I earned my degree in Architecture & Planning, developed a small consulting business, taught at Howard University, and now I inspect buildings.  As you can see, sitting still is not my thing!

I love to be around my family as well as my friends and community. I love jazz and old school R&B, and can also be found blasting Bob Marley while relaxing or working around the house.

I enjoy teaching others and find that I can do that in this field while also learning new things to teach myself in this ever-changing climate.



After my service in the Armed Forces, I began a career in the Information Technology Industry. That is where I learned some of the most valuable lessons in life and in business, the most important being to never stop learning and growing. When I began my IT career, the industry was in its infancy and constantly evolving. Staying on top meant keeping up with the latest developments in software and hardware innovations. I bring the same approach and energy to the home inspection industry. It doesn’t matter how old a property is -- technology plays a vital role in the inspection process. Being equipped with the right knowledge and tools will make for the best home inspection experience.

In my leisure time, I like to run marathons. I’m not an elite runner by any stretch of the imagination. I like to consider myself a completer, not a competitor. I prefer to run each marathon in a different state. Running 26.2 miles through a new city is a great way to experience it.

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Born and raised in the DC metropolitan area, I developed an interest in the construction field when I was young doing various jobs with my Uncle, who is a master plumber. Soon after college, I spent a few years working as an Electrician’s Helper. These opportunities allowed me to get hands-on experience in installing plumbing fixtures, hot water heaters, repairing pipes as well as wiring fixtures and electrical outlets. When my wife and I bought our first home, I began to think of home inspection as an optimal career path. Since then I’ve been learning about all of the major and minor systems of homes and other structures.

In my spare time, I like to spin records, spend time with my family and friends, box, play with my dog Lily, and help my wife in our garden. I also have a passion for cooking all types of cuisine and grilling. I’m on my way to “grill master” status. 



Born in D.C. and raised in Maryland, I graduated from Towson University with a Mass Communication Major with a track in advertising. In college, I had a lot of beautiful experiences and learned a lot of lessons that have shaped me into the person I am today. I have an appreciation for anything film/TV related that started at a young age( I promise once you get me
to start talking about movies/TV I can honestly talk about them all day). I love my friends, family, and amusement parks. I am a fun and creative person who enjoys writing, including poems, short stories, and more. I am honored to work with this team and can't wait to meet all of you.



Young at heart, that smile you see on her face is real, she is always smiling, a very happy personality. Robin a cancer survivor, gets her joy from being a Mom.  The outdoors is a great part of her life, she enjoys Kayaking, hunting and is quite a video gamer (Call of Duty and Guardians of the Galaxy are her favorites). Sit down and watch a movie with her and she likely pull out Top Gun, or Dirty Dancing. Give us a call and most often you will hear her voice.



Born in Annapolis, raised on MD's Eastern Shore, I grew up with passion for sports and competition, from playing soccer year round, to joining pick up football, to shooting pool and playing cornhole. I enjoy hip hop and poetry which married into a catalog of music I made in my home recording studio. I have always had an interest in how things are put together and how they work, and so I honed in on the practicality of construction, mechanicals, and home inspecting. Integrity and attention to detail should have been my middle name, but Paul will just have to do.



“Born in West Salem, OH I grew up in a small town of about 1,200 people next to a house that burned down. I stared and wondered how quickly things change. When my family moved to Maryland and I spent years adventuring on the Chesapeake Bay's beaches and docks. Watching boats sail in and out, lit a fire in me to explore. I have travelled America via plane, train, automobile, boat, bike and foot. Every trip, a new beautiful experience. I have made and sold candles on Venice Beach, CA, worked as a registered nurse, written software and designed databases. I’ve practiced statistical analysis, machine learning and even worked as a process improvement specialist trying to make things easier and more efficient. Each of these areas of focus have challenged me to identify shared patterns that I can use as foundational scaffolding before exploring the new ideas. Every new experience I come across provides the fuel I need in my quest to strive to be better than I was yesterday and leave the world a little better than it was before I came through.“


With Gratitude,

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