Yvonne (The Boss)

With a background in Architecture, I have a general understanding of a home. As part-owner of Pro Spex Home Inspections, I have a general understanding of the home buying process. As a mother of four and homeowner, I have an understanding of what it takes to endure! Whether it's the home inspection process or the juggling of schedules and time.  Questions need to be answered and assurances need to be made. At Pro Spex, there is someone you can talk to who is not computer-generated!  So continue to call.  I would love to hear from you and provide the help you are looking for!


Glenford (Glen)

Looking back it started in high school. I was born in London England, where I spent most of my high school years. I enjoyed playing the violin, loved math, carpentry and soccer (the rear Football). We later moved to my parents homeland, Dominica. There I continued studying math, physics later to become a teacher before moving on to  become an air traffic controller and flew small planes. Sitting still was never one of my strengths. I discovered I liked teaching when I taught high school math and later design communication at Howard University school of Architecture. Architecture refined my communication skills and gave me a 2nd chance to teach;

Home Inspections gives me an opportunity to continue to educate people, meet new people daily and the mobility I have always been drawn to. And then there are my kids. Between my wife (The Boss) and I, we have Martial artists, a budding gymnast, football player and a soon to be Interior designer and two young men out in there world doing there thing............... :)

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Danny (Dan)

Originally from San Diego and working my younger years in the booming construction industry, to North Carolina where I owned and operated a construction company dealing extensively with home inspection repair lists and where humidity and moisture were an ever present challenge for homes , to Baltimore MD where I’ve been able to put 15 years of home knowledge to use helping to educate home buyers with the most important decision they have to make.  My wife and I have rehabbed several homes of our own and understand the stress involved in the buying and fixing process. I am able to spend my free time taking advantage of the great fishing  the Chesapeake region has to offer and of course spending time with our family.


Joseph (Joe)

A native to Baltimore City, I joined the U.S. Army after high school working as a crew chief for helicopters, learning about the working systems, and how to keep them flying, while traveling around the world. In a few short years, I became a technical inspector, and found inspection was my niche. This opportunity allowed me to work for years as a quality control inspector in the manufacturing world of jets and helicopters after the military working for major aviation companies. I have also worked in the home and commercial construction field, installing electrical systems from start to finish, learning about some of the various types of building construction along the way. I like to spend a good part of my time learning of the constant improvement to building materials, and seeing how building are designed, maintained, and repaired. I like to be hands on with everything, working with my home, cars, and boat, using them in my spare time, whether from in the backyard, or on the water.


Jasmine (Jazz)

Born and raised in Maryland I have always had a passion for photography. After high school I decided to pursue my dreams and go to school for photography at the Art Institute of Washington. While working in the home furnishings industry I discovered my interests in homes, design, and building. After three years in the retail industry I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to be around homes and also continue to help people, Pro Spex seemed to be the perfect fit. I also enjoy playing music, going to art galleries, and spending time with my family most importantly.


mal010After recently moving back to this area, I found that so much has changed- my navigational landmarks have been demolished, favorite restaurants closed, and I have to use my GPS almost daily!  My  interest has always been in the built environment and how it affects our quality of life, so naturally I decided to study Architecture. After several years working in this field, my focus began to shift towards Interior Design. Since 2014 I've been valuing real property and helping property owners understand the condition of their home-a seemingly natural transition for a Home Inspector! I also enjoy the personal interaction with people, traveling, and food! My ultimate joy is baking and the look of pure satisfaction on ones face after that first bite. I went to culinary school to learn techniques that the pros use, so I can bake like the best of 'em! I would love to start traveling again if time ever permitted. There are so many more places in Europe that I want to see - unfortunately, my son no longer flies for free!!


I have always been interested in how the built environment affects people's quality of life. I started getting my hands dirty (literally) at the early age of 14, alongside my father, a brick mason for many years. I also worked on a farm and built furniture by hand.
As a Kansas native, I completed school, then moved to Brooklyn, NY where I met my wife of 39 years. With my knowledge of masonry construction, training in conventional and gas fireplaces, certification as chimney inspector, there is no doubt that I love homes!
I have a hidden hunger and driven knowledge for home improvement, and volunteering with community organizations. Being part of the Pro Spex Team of home inspectors, I look forward to sharing my communication skills, and knowledge to a Team of already great Inspectors.
Stephen Thayer

prospex-results-guaranteedDo you have what it takes to be a Home Inspector? Do you have a MD Home Inspectors license? Are you motivated by helping people make an informed decision? Do you have good communication skills?

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