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STEP:1 Home inspection and other inspection services.

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Set up of your “Total Home Support” Service

With home Owners Network. Download your free “Live Home Support App”. Call for live to help you 24/7 with all home needs!


No-obligation home insurance quote

With exclusive money saving discount on home and auto insurance from a licensed Liberty Mutual Agent. Everyone needs homeowners Insurance.


Easy Utilities Help

We identify service providers for electric, gas, water, trash, sewer, TV, internet, phone in your area and help you get everything connected at the best rates with this free services.


Home Security Consultation

If you want or need a home security system, have it installed at the best rates before you move in and receive special rebates with our
concierge Program.


Locksmith Appointment

We schedule a qualified locksmith to test and re-key all the locks of your home at a discounted price. How many people have keys to your new home? Start fresh and safe!


House Cleaning Services

Ready to move in, get great savings on house cleaning from one of the areas best cleaning services.


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Look for the welcome email with your username and password to activate your gift and download the Home Owners Network app. You will receive a welcome call to describe all your free services.


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Pre-screened Contractors

Find qualified local contractors fast


Property Emergency Hotline

24/7 emergency help when you need it most


HON Guard Recall Alerts

24/7 appliance recall monitoring for safety


Concierge Utility Service

One FREE call sets up all home utility services


Members Save Money $$

Discounts on Penske, Liberty Mutual Ins., Lowes and more

Customer Care FAQ’s

Before calling Support, please check below for frequently asked questions. Many questions and problems and their solutions can be found in the different sections below:
  • 1. I just moved in and I noticed something that I believe should have been on the home inspection?A. You may be eligible for coverage under our guarantee. Be sure to contact us first and do not disturb anything. If we missed it we will fix it. Conditions apply. Call 844-675-8851
  • 2. I am not satisfied with the home inspection. The inspector was unprofessional. What are my options, can I get a refund?A. Guarantee #1. Put simply, if you are not satisfied, at the time of the inspection, call our office immediately and we will pay another inspector of your choosing up to the amount you paid us, to do the inspection for you. Call 844-675-8851 immediately.
  • 3. My contract fell thru and I need another inspection in a hurry but don’t want to pay again and the contract fall thru again. Do you offer discounts?A. A. If your contract falls thru, schedule another inspection with us within 30 days of the date of your 1st inspection and we will reduce your inspection fee by 50% (If you use the same Realtor). Click Here to schedule and have your report number from your previous report ready.
  • 4. I am having an electrical problem but would like an opinion before calling a contractor, can you help me?A. Your home Inspection comes with Online tech support free for one year. Send photos and questions via the mobile app and get responses emailed to you within minutes. Click Here
  • 5. I have heard mixed reviews about home warranty companies, do you have any recommendations?A. Global Home USA will cover any item or component in its terms of service that we pass as in working condition! No pre-existing conditions or turned down claims because of pre-existing conditions. If our inspector passes the water heater and the bottom falls out the next day, it’s covered! Global Home USA one year warranty will cover any item or component in its list of coverage that we pass! How’s that for extra liability protection! (This service does not cover VA at this time). Click Here or Call 866-445-3604
  • 6. I am looking for reasonable reliable contractors to provide various repair and handyman services, who would you recommend?A. While our customers have had a very positive experience with these companies, Pro Spex makes no claims or warranties of the services by these companies. Users are advised to conduct their own investigation. Click Here
  • 7. I am concerned that the appliances in my home may have been recalled. Do you have access to this kind of information?A. Your inspection comes with HON membership, where you can register your appliances and receive no cost recall info for as long as you own your home. Get monthly updates on all product recalls in your account via email.

Customer Care Support