Need timely inspection results to make investment decisions?
Tired of buyers inspection results costing you money?

Investor Inspections


Summary Report

Don’t have the time to visit all of those potential investment properties? Let us do it for you! Investor Inspections are designed for the investor in residential real estate to provide time-sensitive information for decision making, in a rapidly changing real estate market. By focusing on major issues that may affect your investment decisions, we can deliver a digital color summary report within 24 hours of the inspection.

Inspecting Contractor Work

You found that property, spent thousands on repairs and ready to sell.  Avoid the uncertainty of the buyers inspection and  make us a part of your quality control team. Time is money, do you want to spend it sending your contractors back to do work they should have done right the first time? Are you comfortable paying contractors only to receive a long list of corrections from a potential buyer? For a fraction of the cost of a delayed settlement, re-working repairs, make us a part of your quality control team.

Limited Inspections

While many customers associate our services with purchasing or selling a home, we also provide home inspection services for existing homeowners, as well as investors in residential real estate. Our limited inspection services are inspections limited to a single component or issue, for example if you had a moisture issue or you hired a contractor and needed an inspection prior to final payment.

Please note, This type of service is priced per incident and is limited to one area of concern, If you have two issues in your home for example a heating issue and a plumbing issue. These would be considered two separate limited inspections, and would be priced accordingly. For more information please call 844-675-8851.