Important: In order for us to honor our guarantee, we must be given a chance to review the conditions.


Guarantee #1:

Every Full Service Home Inspection is covered by this guarantee. If not satisfied, we will pay another company of your choosing (up to the amount you paid the Company) to perform another inspection providing the same service. This claim must be filed the day of the inspection. No report will be issued under this claim.

Guarantee #2:

If the Company fails to identify and disclose a visible defect during a Full Service Home Inspection the Company will send someone to fix it at no cost to the Client or the Company will pay up to One-Thousand ($1000.00) Dollars or refund the home inspection fee, whichever is greater. This only applies to Full Service Home Inspections. This Guarantee will only provide coverage for repairs or replacement of anything the Company may have missed at the time of inspection.

Do not alter (or allow contractor to alter) site conditions. Any alteration will immediately void guarantee #2


Failure to follow the recommendations in the inspection report, could void any and all of these guarantees.


Guarantee #3:

If the Clients contract falls thru for any reason a􀅌er a Full Service Inspection is complete, schedule another appointment within Thirty (30) days and get fi􀅌y (50%) percent off the home inspection fee only. This only applies to Full Service Home Inspections.

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