Getting our New Home in Order

 Our New Office Space


Pro Spex is a proud, family owned, home inspection business founded in 2003, and like most small businesses, began as a home-based business. The owners, Glenford (Glen) and Yvonne, both graduates of Howard University’s School of Architecture in Washington DC, married in 1997.  They began on this journey following many requests for advice from home buyers and Realtor’s alike and with the support of family and friends, the decision was made to open a home inspection business.

Glen and Yvonne, started in business together in 1998 with an architectural consulting firm. Pro Spex began as an extension of that business in 2003. By 2008, the success of Pro Spex demanded their full attention. By 2009, the name Pro Spex was trademarked, and by 2014 their architecture business was closed in order to focus their energies on further developing Pro Spex Inc.

By 2010, Pro Spex had developed a solid reputation for quality service, customer education, and technological advancements. Its use of technology to deliver reports online quickly became a defining factor early on and helped separate Pro Spex from the competition. As a result, the emphasis on education and the latest technology, became central to Pro Spex’s plans for growth. By 2012 it became clear that Pro Spex could no longer remain a small home based business.20160707_142335

The decision was made to take Pro Spex to a new level and expand its operation. By 2014, Pro Spex had established the Pro Spex Inspection System which was developed to ensure continued emphasis on what made the company successful. By the close of 2016, Pro Spex had hired five (5) additional inspectors and trained them on how to best implement “The Pro Spex System” to perform inspections “The Pro Spex Way”.

Pro Spex’s growth has been fueled by it’s commitment to its core principals: customer service, education, and technology. In an industry where its competitors tend to focus heavily on realtor referrals, Pro Spex has focused its efforts on educating customers on site and through its website, generating positive customer feedback via social media, and educating its Inspectors in the latest technology to better assist them in the field.

Pro Spex’s success can be seen in the many 5-star reviews it has earned on all major search engines, the A+ ranking on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and in Angie’s List consecutively since 2012. Pro Spex’s goal is to become the leading home inspection company serving the Washington DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia areas, as well as select areas in PA.

By the close of 2015, Pro Spex had outgrown its “home based” business model and it was time for the next step. With the advice of its business coach and business associates, the plans for the next chapter were formalized, and Pro Spex moved into its current location in the Summer of 2016. The journey has been long, and at times difficult, but has proven to be very rewarding!



Team Vision 

Create a TEAM of professionals prepared for the constantly changing environment in which Real Estate ownership exists. Utilizing technology to better serve our customers by continuing to provide a means to educate property owners. With a better understanding of their investment, we hope to continue to create smarter owners and investors, while also creating a company in which each TEAM member realizes their full potential, and has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.20160721_194156

Team  Mission

Our mission is to be the best Community conscious Property inspection company in the DMV, delivering a quality Inspection experience every time, while engaging in community responsible projects. Our objective is to educate customers, enabling them to better understand their investment and
creating opportunities in the community. By continuing to educate ourselves, maintain strong ethical standards and integrity, we will deliver..

Team Culture

  • Trust: Trust in each other, remembering that success is a Team Sport that depends trust and Integrity. We will focus our thoughts, energy, and attention on the successful outcome of whatever we are doing. We will display pride, competence, and personal confidence in ourselves and our Team.
    Excellence: Strive for Excellence by taking advantage of Educational opportunities that lift the entire Team. We will continue to learn our business in order to teach someone else. We will respect
    ourselves, our family, our team members, and our customers in word and in deed, pursuing Excellence
    at all times.
    Attitude: Maintain a success minded Attitude at all times and in all we do. We will always speak the truth about what we see and what we do. We promise to give and commit to 100 percent in all that we do and work towards. We are committed to the Vision, Mission, Culture, and Success of PRO SPEX, its current and future team, and its customers at all times.
    Motivate: Motivate each other thru respectful dialogue, challenging each other to succeed. Speak positively to all team members and customers in both public and private. We will speak with good purpose using empowering and positive conversation. We will take responsibility for responses to our communication and apologize for any upsets first and then look for a solution.


prospex-results-guaranteedDo you have what it takes to be a Home Inspector? Do you have a MD Home Inspectors license? Are you motivated by helping people make an informed decision? Do you have good communication skills?

Come join the Pro Spex Team!