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Foundation (Pre Backfill) Inspection

This inspection is performed in order to view and evaluate the footings, foundation water proofing, exterior perimeter drain tiles, and foundation ties (all of which will later be hidden by soil or wooden framing members). We conduct this inspection prior to the replacement of the backfill soil around the exterior perimeter of the foundation.

Framing (Pre Drywall) Inspection

Sometimes called framing inspection, this inspection evaluates the structural components of the home before they are concealed. Builder and county inspectors make every effort to catch these issues, but things get missed. It is therefore very important that HVAC, electrical and plumbing be completed before we conduct this inspection.

Builders Final Inspections

The builder is about to hand you your keys, all systems are go. As with the Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Inspection, this is a top to bottom whole house inspection. We prefer to perform this inspection prior to the final walk-thru so that any areas of concern can be included in the punch-list that you and the builder develop at the walk-thru.

1 Year Builders Warranty Inspection


The 1 Year Builders Warranty Inspection, like the Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Inspection, is a detailed inspection of your home, to provide you with a report you can deliver to the Builder. This inspection is performed prior to the expiration of a builders warranty, typically 12 months. Customers have a choice of 2 report formats, our summary report which details all of our findings (the recommended format), or our full inspection report (the type of report you would get if you were buying the home).