Set Your Sales Price with Confidence, Inspect Before They Do.


Pro Spex provides a variety of inspection services for existing home owners. Services include:

  • Pre-Listing Inspections – Inspect before you list
  • Limited (Investigative) Inspections – Trouble shooting a particular concern
  • Maintenance Inspections – Annual maintenance inspections of all major components
  • Deck Safety Inspections – Decks can have significant safety defects that go unnoticed
  • Builder Warranty inspections – Inspect your home before the builders warrant expires
  • Contractor Inspections – Inspect contractor work before final payment


Pre-Listing Inspections (Seller/Investor Inspections)


Why perform a Pre-Listing Inspection? You have been advised that you have to fix it if you find it.

  • Take control, Know the issues ahead of time.
  • Decide what you will take care of and set your price.
  • Provide buyers with a detailed full color report from an A+ rated company.
  • Eliminate big surprises, and reduce unnecessary negotiations.
  • Buyers feel more confident that they are buying with greater transparency.

While many customers associate our services with purchasing or selling a home, we also provide home inspection services for existing homeowners, as well as investors in residential real estate. Our limited inspection services are inspections limited to a single component or issue, for example if you had a moisture issue or you hired a contractor and needed an inspection prior to final payment.


Home Owner Maintenance Inspections


Like an automobile, every home should be subjected to an annual maintenance check. The purpose of this inspection is to help maintain the house and diagnose possible problems before they become a major repair item. Imagine the cost if you had to have your heating, electrical systems and roofing inspected by 3 separate companies?

Deck Safety Inspections

Corroded Bolts
Corroded Bolts

Decks are exposed to the elements all year, but are the least maintained of all home components. As decks age, the wood frame deteriorates and the connectors begin to fail. The photo above shows a deck with corroded bolts, what is not clear is the full extent of the corrosion of that part of the bolt embedded in the structure. Corrosion and wood rot are the primary causes of deck failures.

Deck construction standards have changed significantly over the past 10 years, in response to deck failures across the country. Unfortunately that does not address the hundreds of thousands of decks nationwide built to outdated standards. A Pro Spex Deck Safety inspection, evaluates each deck, using today’s standards as a baseline. While it is not a code compliance inspection (reserved for county inspectors), this inspection often exceeds the standards currently adopted by many counties.

As a home maintenance practice, decks should be inspected annually, before they are used each Spring/Summer.

Builder Warranty Inspections

Most builders have a 1 year warranty on new homes. This inspection provides the same level of detail as our full service inspection, and is designed to help customers prepare a detailed list of deficiencies to present to their builder before their warranty expires.

Contractor Inspections

Few home owners know what to look for when reviewing contractor work. Many make final payment only to discover problems down the road that a thorough inspection would uncover. Every home owner renovation contract should include a 3rd party inspection clause but few do.

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