Don’t let your smartest Investment, turn into your biggest Mistake.
For your protection, get a Pro Spex Home Inspection.


Home Inspection are not just for home purchasers. We offer inspection services to buyers, sellers, homeowners and investors. Our services include a number of packages to make the process easier:

  • Buyer Services for New and Resale homes, with a number of packages to meet varying need.
  • Seller Inspections for those who want to avoid potential discoveries that could derail a sale.
  • Investor Inspections for investors who want to make sure their contractors have done all that they need to.
  • Homeowner services for preventive maintenance, 3rd party inspections of contractor work, or investigating issues like water intrusion.

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Pre-Purchase  (Click to Schedule)

A Pre-Sale/Pre-Purchase Inspection is the most common inspection services performed by home inspectors. This inspection examines all aspects of the home from the roof to the foundation, (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing etc). So long as it is safe and height and weather conditions permit, we attempt to walk on all roofs, enter all attics and access all crawl spaces. It is very important to make sure the home is fully accessible to avoid a return trip and additional fees. This service is also offered to home sellers who want to get a jump start on repairs before selling their home.

Purchasing your first home can be a daunting task. Deciding which inspection services to purchase, who to hire is more important than ever. We offer a number of packages to make the process easier:

  • Platinum Plus Package: Combines your Home Inspection, Radon Test, Termite Inspection and Re-Inspection, while saving you money
  • Platinum Package:  Combines your Home Inspection, Radon Test, Termite Inspection
  • Gold Package:  Combines your Home Inspection, and Radon Test
  • Silver Package:  Combines your Home Inspection, and Termite Inspection


New Construction Inspections  (Click to Schedule)

One of the biggest misconceptions in the home inspection industry, is that new homes do not need the services of a private home inspector. While county inspectors do a great job, there are many inspection items that do not fall within the ‘building code’, and therefore are not included in the inspections performed by the county inspector. Customers should also understand, the county inspectors take on average 20-30 minutes to inspect a new home, far below the 3-4 hours spent by a private inspector. To find out more about our New Construction Services (Click Here)


Pre-Contract: (Click to Schedule)

In a competitive market, buyers are often pressured to forego the home inspection. This inspection service is designed to assist those customers who want to strengthen their offer but are unwilling to forego the home inspection. This is a ‘walkthru’ inspection (No report is issued) to identify potential major flaws that may affect your offer price. Customers who use this service are only concerned with potentially large short term expense items, and health and safety issues. During this inspection, customers are encouraged to take notes as inspector points out deficiencies. Limitations include not walking the roof, the use of specialized IR cameras and others.


Limited Inspections: (Click to Schedule)

While many customers associate our services with purchasing or selling a home, we also provide home inspection services for existing homeowners, and investors in residential real estate. Our limited inspection services are inspections limited to a single component or issue, for example if you have a moisture issue or you hired a contractor and needed an inspection prior to final payment.

Please note, This type of service is priced per incident and is limited to one area of concern, If you have two issues in your home for example a heating issue and a plumbing issue. These would be considered two separate limited inspections, and would be priced accordingly. For more information please call 844-675-8851.


Mold Testing


Mold testing services are offered on all inspections when conditions warrant such a test. In many cases mold testing may not be necessary. We recommend customers first get the home inspection, and follow the recommendations of the inspector if a mold test is needed. For more on our mold test services (Click Here).


Radon Testing


Radon, an odorless, cancer causing gas, exists in all homes. The radon level can onlt be determined by testing. Radon testing should be performed on all homes. Recent changes to real estate sales transactions in Montgomery County MD, requires either the seller perform a Radon Test, or the buyer allowed to include a test as part of the home inspection. A Radon test takes a minimum of 48 hours to perform. For more on Radon Testing [Click Here].


203k Consultant


Section 203(k) program enables homebuyers and homeowners to finance both the purchase (or refinancing) of a house and the cost of its rehabilitation through a single mortgage or to finance the rehabilitation of their existing home. Learn More Here.