Is your deck safe?


Over the past 10 years, deck failures have brought a new awareness to deck safety that has been slow to surface to the level of seriousness in the eyes of the general public Basic RGBto prompt the type of change that is needed. While improvements are seen in new deck construction, many decks are still built by persons unaware of the new standards or who simply do not understand the importance of certain types of connectors or how they should be used. The purpose of this inspection is to bring about greater awareness and improve safety, by identifying potential concerns, failing components, construction defects that are likely to cause future issues.

The American Wood Council (AWC) has developed a series of construction details that has been widely adopted to address the many connections found in deck construction. While not all of these details are required by local code enforcement, the Pro Spex Deck Safety Inspection utilizes the AWC recommendations as a basis for its evaluation and is not intended to be a code compliance inspection.20151014_134642

Many jurisdictions are adopting the new standards for deck restraints to ensure deck attachments to the side of a home no longer relies on just bolts. The adjacent photo shows metal anchors that pass thru the deck ledger and is secured to the interior house frame by a similar metal bracket bolted in place.


Corroded Bolts
Corroded Bolts

Pro Spex as a member of NADRA (North American Deck and Rail Association), promotes deck safety. Deck failures are often traced to corroded connectors as seen in the adjacent photo.