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As of January 2023

Safety Protocols

For the safety of our clients, employees, and the safety of the occupants of the homes we inspect, all Pro Spex Staff have been fully vaccinated.


Action Plan

All Pro Spex staff will continue to follow the recommendations of the CDC and local jurisdictions. We request that only vaccinated individuals attend the inspection. If an individual wants to attend the Inspection and is NOT fully vaccinated, we ask that you respect our Inspectors and notify them as well as maintaining social distancing while on site.


While inside the property we are inspecting, masks are optional, except for unvaccinated individuals. The Inspector can cancel an inspection at their discretion if they feel their health is at risk.


If the customer is not present, a full briefing by conference call (video/screen share, etc) is recommended to be scheduled with the inspector. Please contact your Inspector ahead of time to make arrangements with them.


If individuals are showing signs of illness, PLEASE consider not attending the Inspection. If you choose to attend the Inspection, please wear a mask even if you are vaccinated. If there are those at a higher risk that you are caring for, consider the potential risk to others and their loved ones, and please maintain social distancing while on site.


Thank you in advance for helping us keep you and others safe!

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