Radon Awareness

The EPA has designated January, National Radon Awareness Month and we are promoting the benefits of Radon Testing for all our customers. What better way to start the New Year with a fresh outlook at home! Even if you have an abatement system in place, the only way to know if it is doing its job, is through a test. Knowledge is power and knowing whether or not your home has a high content of Radon will prepare you for the options available. As a Certified Radon Measurement Specialist (RMS) by the National Radon Safety Board, I have knowledge which goes significantly beyond that required of a technician. Utilizing the latest detection technology, you can be sure, when we are testing, we are working to ensure your health and safety. For this month, we have specials for anyone scheduling a radon test. Visit our website for more details and Happy Breathing!!


Yvonne Blanc
Pro Spex Inc.


Diagram showing the various pathways by which radon can enter a home. Image courtesy of Natural Resources Canada.

There are two main sources for the radon in your home’s indoor air: the soil and the water supply. Compared to radon entering the home through water, radon entering your home through the soil is usually a much larger risk

How Radon Enters Your Home




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Radon Where You Live
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Basic Radon Info
Public Health Awareness From The EPA, Click Here

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